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GYRO-CUT Mega Value Bundle Set


This amazing offer comes with 1 Gyro-Cut, 2 packs of spare blades one a4 self healing cutting mat and one 50ml bottle of our amazing sticky mat adhesive glue!!

The AMAZING patented GYRO-CUT is a hand-held craft & hobby tool with a 360 degree rotating blade for cutting paper, vinyl (sticky-back and iron-on), card up to 250gsm, tissue paper, foil and other thin sheet materials. GYRO-CUT is the brain-child of Edward Harvey, inventor of the POLYDRON educational construction toy which is used in most British schools. GYRO-CUT is perfect for cutting complex shapes out of paper, known as decoupage. It can also be used for creating artwork, cutting simple and complex stencils, scrap-booking, graphic design, paper craft, sign-writing using sticky back vinyl and many other applications. GYRO-CUT is also perfect for cutting model aircraft trim such as Solarfilm, Oracover, Monokote, Solartrim, Solartex, tissue paper and other model trimming products. The hardened steel blade easily cuts paper but will not readily cut human skin in normal use. This makes it ideal for use in the classroom for children 10 years and older. This is an Unlockable Folding Blade with a blade of under 3 inches. Adult supervision is recommended due to functional sharp edges. GYRO-CUT is supplied with full instructions in English, French and German.

1 X bottle of our amazing water-based PVA glue specially formulated to remain tacky when dry, yet allow you to reposition artwork or remove it from your cutting mat when finished. Perfect to hold materials in place while cutting with our GYROCUT CUTTING TOOL. The adhesive is very easy to use by simply dabbing a small amount onto the surface of your cutting mat using a sponge or tissue. One application of the adhesive will be sufficient to hold many pieces of work before the need to apply a further coating.

You also get a quality Loxley self healing a4 cutting mat with printed grid in cm. very good value with massive saving by buying all in one bundle.

Get yours whilst stocks last!