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Garage Grenade - Theft Deterrent Device


The newest technology in bike alarms has just been launched! The 'Garage Grenade'!!!!

This is a revolutionary clip on alarm with no messy wires so you can simply clip it on when your bikes in your garage, shed, van etc. or when you are at the track and not riding as bike theft is on the increase and bikes being taken from the track whilst the rider is away from the van is proving to be the new craze in bike thefts!

Garage Grenade is an ingenious and simple to use alarm which will be a bike thief's worst nightmare! The device has carabiner style clips fitted at each end for ease of use. Simply clip one end around any hidden part of your bike such as a water hose, rear shock, frame, etc. Clip the other end to any fixed point in your garage/shed or round one of your wheels. If the bike is moved an ear piercing alarm will sound.

Included in this set is a metre length of extremely strong see through nylon wire and a small clip that can be attached to the alarms pin if you would like to secure it to something further away in your garage or if you would like to attach the alarm to your front wheel and need a longer reach. This is a good way of doing it as the see through wire is very well hidden from any potential thief's if you are securing the alarm in a place that's be visible if the black strap was used so we supply both options in this set and the choice is yours! (See pictures)

As soon as the bike is moved the pin mechanism on the alarm is pulled out and as soon as the pin is out the alarm will sound an ear piercing 140db siren which happens instantly and will leave your thief with one option: running off! This alarm will alert anyone around that a theft is taking place instantly.

When you want to use your bike simply unclip the alarm so no wires or extra weight while you ride.

The alarm takes 3 batteries which are included so it's ready to secure your bike straight away. The batteries are replaceable and we supply spare batteries in our other items.

Garage Grenade alarms are popular for securing:

Motocross Bikes

Road Bikes

Quad Bikes

Push Bikes

Lawn Mowers

Garage/ Shed Doors

And many more valuable items that are likely to be in your garage, shed or in the back of your van.

Piece of mind for only £12.95 while stocks last! Full instructions included.

Alarm: Length 48mm x Width 38mm x Height 18mm + 2 straps and 1 metre length of nylon wire to extend the reach if needs be.